At The Close Of Every Day

For those unfamiliar with the band, at the close of every day (atcoed), existing of minco eggersman and axel kabboord (this beautiful mess), made their debut with their album "zalig zijn de armen van geest" (blessed are the poor in spirit) at the end of 2002 and their ep "if you spoke to me" later on in 2003, which were received well worldwide, containing sober, melancholic songs reminiscent of low, red house painters and smog. Their version of the church's "under the milky way" was regularly played at the Australian radio, while their original "high school lovers USA", released on the American deep elm label, was licensed to MTV for the real world, among others. At the close of 2003 they did a successful European tour supporting 16 Horsepower in support of their critically praised full-length "the silja symphony". "the silja symphony" was inspired by a documentary on the disaster with the ferry "Estonia" in 1994 with songs dealing with loss, hope, faith and the things that pass. All songs somehow form one compelling whole, from the instrumental opening "the departure" to the closing sailor song "all things end in waters".

In January of 2004 Lo-Fidelity released the limited edition At The Close Of Every Day vinyl record, "The Silja Symphony" with the bonus live CD EP "Live In Amsterdam". This release is TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

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