The Lost Dogs

The Lost Dogs began as an exciting collaboration between four brilliant front-men/songwriters, creating music that transcended the musical boundaries of their respective bands. Terry Taylor (Daniel Amos), Gene Eugene (Adam Again), Derri Daugherty (The Choir), and Michael Roe (The 77‘s) over the past 14 years have released 9 eclectic albums of traditional American music (country, folk, blues, rock) with a decidedly modern feel. Over the course of time, the Lost Dogs have built a loyal and growing base of alt-country and roots fans including genre artists such as Buddy and Julie Miller, the Kentucky Headhunters, and Phil Madeira.

It’s also worth noting that the Lost Dogs were (or Americana, or whatever you want to call it) before was cool, which is why it came as no surprise when the Lost Dogs were given the opportunity to open a few West Cost dates for legendary country singer George Jones. And just like Mr. Jones, the Lost Dogs are the real deal. “We just want to keep making music,” Daugherty states simply. “We love making music, and given the opportunity, we’ll just keeping doing it.”

Lo-Fidelity has been honored to release the following Lost Dogs CD's & DVD:

"Green Room Serenade, Part Tour" CD - (2002) This release is SOLD OUT.
"...Via Chicago..." DVD - (2003) This release is SOLD OUT.
"MUTT" CD - (2004) This release is available through

The following releases are AVAILABLE in the store.
"...Via Chicago... (all we left unsaid)" DVD/CD set (2006)
"We Like to Have Christmas" CD

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