Derri Daugherty

Derri Daugherty is an American record producer, songwriter, guitarist and singer, best known as the lead singer and guitarist for band The Choir.  Daugherty is also one of the founding members of the alt country band the Lost Dogs with Terry Scott Taylor, Michael Roe and Steve Hindalong.  Daugherty began his musical career as an engineer and roadie for the band Daniel Amos. Their bassist, Tim Chandler, introduced Daugherty to Steve Hindalong and the two soon began to write songs together and eventually formed The Choir. Daugherty now owns and operates a recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  Daugherty's engineering credits include albums for Randy Stonehill, The Swoon, Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, The Prayer Chain, Riki Michele, The Waiting, Sarah Masen, Pierce Pettis, Common Children, Jeff Johnson, Caedmon's Call, Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, The Throes, and others.

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