Chris Taylor

Before he knew how to do anything, he was a dreamer.

Chris saw what he wanted to be in his mind, and the journey began there. 

Anything artistic. Drawing with pencils and pens. Paints and colors. He felt the magic in the magic markers. And he heard songs in his head too.

He picked up an acoustic guitar. Then put it down. Frustrated it didn’t do what he wanted it to do. Music was math and he hated math.

Time went by and he pick it up again. He was 18 years old now. He felt post punk coursing through his veins. He was bashing the guitar into submission. Learning guitar chords and strumming rhythms. Hearing songs in his head that he knew he had to write… so he wrote the songs and painted the paintings.

And then he started painting his guitar. Not cool factory paint… He just drew and scribbled all over hus guitar like it was a piece of notebook paper.

All these years later… He's still doing this.

With more passion and intensity now than ever before.

He’d love for you to come along this journey with him.

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