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Ninety Nine

Recorded in St. Louis MO. by Steve Griffith (Vector) for the 1999 "EP" release, this live CD features a rare glimpse at this great band at the peak of the tour. (The band for this tour was Mike Roe, Mark Harmon, Bruce Spencer, and Scott Reams.) Mike had this to say about the recording:

"When Lo-Fidelity approached us about releasing a live album from our last tour (in 1999) to create a latter-day bookend to our much revered (and long out of print) live album from 1988 called "88", I was dubious. "Well, that's mostly gonna be a crappy album. I have complete recordings of most of the shows on that tour and I don't recall hearing anything I'd want to release!" The keyword here is "most", because when Lo-Fi sent me a copy of this wonderful concert from old pal Brian Quincy-Newcomb's Christ Church basement in St. Louis, MO, I was surprised at not only how good it was, but also by the song selection. I had totally forgotten that we'd even played some of these songs in concert, and it was a delight to hear them again. This album does indeed make a nice bookend to our old "88" album, not only because of the title and identical cover concept, but also because it is remarkably similar in its energy. It's proof positive that 1990's version of the band had a dynamic adventurous spirit that gave us a willingness to stretch out and expand our material in the same kinds of ways that the old-time original 77's from the 80's did. I highly recommend it to both our longtime hardcore fans and to any friends we picked up along the way in the 1990's and later. It's surprisingly fresh sounding even though it's been under wraps for eight years. What else can I say -- it rocks. Hard." - Mike Roe

The track list for this release is as follows:

  1. Blue Sky
  2. Flowers In The Sand
  3. Outskirts
  4. The Boat Ashore
  5. The Stellazine Prophecy
  6. The Best I Have
  7. Blood And Roses/Pearls Before Swine
  8. Snowblind

(total track time: 47 min)
CD- $15 (+shipping)