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  SOLD OUT AS OF 1.08.2008

2-DVD set

Over 20 years in the making, 14 years in the planning, and 15 months in production...Lo-Fidelity and the 77's are proud to announce the release of the 77's DVD. 2 DVDs, the official videos, odds and ends, an entire disc of live footage, extensive liner notes from Mike....just minutes shy of 3 hours of footage...and it's all here under one roof for the first time! Track-list as follows:

(DVD 1)

  1. Sevens: The 'Official' Videos
  2. A Different Kind Of Light
  3. Mercy Mercy
  4. Ba Ba Ba Ba
  5. Nuts For You
  6. Snake
  7. For Crying Out Loud
  8. The Boat Ashore
  9. Come And Gone: Rare Bonus Features
  10. Exit Records TV Spot - 1986
  11. Useless Parsley & The Ordinaries - 1987
  12. Arron Smith "Drums Naked" - 1992
  13. Drowning With Land In Sight Video Press Kit
  14. Safe As Milk - Cornerstone 97 performance

(DVD 2)

  1. The Years Go Down: Live Concert Footage
  2. Warehouse 1982 – Ping Pong Over The Abyss, Denomination Blues
  3. Cornerstone 1984 – Different Kind Of Light, Renaissance Man, It’s So Sad, Ping Pong Over The Abyss
  4. Warehouse 1985 – Your Pretty Baby
  5. Ichthus 1985 – It’s So Sad
  6. Warehouse 3/87 – Bottom Line, Pearls Before Swine, Over Under Sideways Down, Mercy Mercy, You Don't Scare Me
  7. Warehouse 10/87 - The Final Hour (previously unreleased)
  8. Warehouse 1989 – MT, Nowhere Else, The Lust the Flesh the Eyes & the Pride of Life
  9. Rock of Love 1991 - Come and Gone, UUUU, Miserable, Do It For Love
  10. Ichthus 1992 – Perfect Blues, This Is The Way Love Is
  11. Cornerstone 1992 – This Is The Way Love Is, God Sends Quails, Make A Difference Tonight
  12. Ichthus 1993 – UUUU
  13. Madison's Cafe 1997 - Dave's Blues, Pearls Before Swine, Perfect Blues
  14. Paradox Theater 1999 - This Is The Way Love Is, What Was In That Letter, Unbalanced, Best I Had, Outskirts

DVD is region free.

"New" low price: Due to an unexpected break in the cost of manufacturing the DVD, we have decided to lower the price from the previously announced $30 to $25.