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Holy Ghost Building

Lo-Fidelity Records and The 77s are proud to present the highly anticipated release of their new studio recording, "Holy Ghost Building." Recorded over a 2-year stretch, the initial sessions were done quickly, much like Johnny Cash or Elvis recorded their early records at Sun Studios in Memphis. Mike Roe comments, "Those guys would choose a song, play through it to get the feel and arrangement, and while it was all fresh they would just roll the tape. Drawing from literally the same sources they did, we did the same thing....choosing old gospel, blues and bluegrass tunes that said something to us as a band, and then recording them on the spot with no rehearsal....the only difference was we spent a couple years putting the finishing touches on the songs!"

While "Holy Ghost Building" could be called a "return to form" for the band, saying so would also sell short the new depth the band has found in playing these songs. The record has The 77's touchstones of rock and blues, but they have also included folk, slide guitar, Byrds-era jangle electric 12-strings, and vocal harmonies previously unheard on any 77's record. Mike says "When folks ask me what this record sounds like, I like to say 'Elvis, Scotty, Bill & D.J.' because we did it exactly the way those guys did the early Elvis recordings. It even sounds like them sonically here and there, but thankfully none of that was planned either, which of course makes me very happy. You can't plan those things without them often sounding planned, and I'm so glad we didn't. Even the one original tune we tacked on at the end of this project as a bonus treat for the fans was made up on the spot: music, lyrics, melody and all. Talk about risk! But that's how you end up with records like the ones I loved as a kid, and this ones got that sound and feeling.

The track list for this release is as follows:

  1. I'm Working On A Building
  2. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
  3. Stranger Won't You Change Your Sinful Ways
  4. I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers
  5. You're Gonna Be Sorry
  6. What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul
  7. He's A Mighty Good Leader
  8. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  9. Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime
  10. City Of Refuge
  11. A Lifetime Without You

(total track time: 45:36 min)
CD- $15 (+shipping)