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Michael Roe
We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun

Lo-Fidelity Records is proud to present the latest solo recording from Michael Roe, We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun.

Michael Roe will admit it -- making his new album scared him half to death.

Start with the fact that We All Gonna Face the Rising Sun, is essentially a one-man show. Roe produced it himself, setting up shop in his California home, playing almost all of the instruments. It’s the first time he’s worked this way, and though it was a daunting proposition, the result is one of the most intimate of his nearly 30-year career.

But it’s the material itself that scared him even more. Rising Sun continues down the old-time spirituals/gospel path that Roe started with Holy Ghost Building (last year’s Seventy Sevens album). But, this time he dug deeper, unearthing countless records, haunting music from a bygone era, containing forgotten traditional songs and hymns. Then he set out to cover not only the songs, but evoke the sound and feeling of those records.

Roe found himself haunted by these old songs, wondering again and again why they had been lost to the ages. Knowing very little about the origins of these recordings, he made up stories for himself, loose ideas of how he imagined the original artists came to learn and set these songs down.

These songs may sound like nothing Michael Roe has ever recorded, but their themes are familiar ones for him. These are songs of redemption, of repentance, of God’s saving grace… and its chilling alternatives. In the end, it’s the songs themselves that scared Roe the most, not just because the world needs their message, but because he does as well.

“These songs make me tremble in my boots,” he said. “I cannot sing these and not feel it every time I sing them. I picked songs I need to hear.”

In a sense, though this is a different kind of Michael Roe album, its waters flow from the same river he’s always drawn from. He sings of life, of pain, of salvation, and though the songs this time are taken from years gone by, they are relevant and powerful even today. The sun is rising, and we all gonna face it, and these are the songs we will sing when it is our turn.

The tracklist for the album is as follows:

  1. Jonah In The Wilderness
  2. Dry Bones
  3. Woke Up This Morning With My Mind
  4. Come To The Saviour
  5. You Can't Go Halfway
  6. We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun
  7. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
  8. Paul And Silas In Jail
  9. I Know My Time Ain't Long
  10. I'm Goin' Home
  11. We Need More Rattlesnakes

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