~ Available February 26th 2016 ~ 
Eric Matthews "It's Heavy In Here" 20th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Eric Matthew's debut album "It's Heavy In Here", Lo-Fidelity Records was pleased to have partnered with SubPop Records and Eric Matthews to reissue the album in time for the "Black Friday" November 2015 Record Store Day.  The album was fully remastered in cooperation with Eric, and was released in 3 color variations (UltraClear, Silver, and Blue/White) for Record Store Day.  We are pleased to announce the followup release of the Lo-Fidelity exclusive Splatter vinyl,available exclusively in our web-store, as well as a limited edition CD release featuring 5 bonus tracks unavailable on the original 1995 album.

ā€¨Silver, Clear, and White/Blue

Your vinyl or CD purchase comes with an instant download featuring the remastered album, 5 bonus tracks pulled directly from the archives of Mr. Matthews, and a rough cut of the "Fanfare" video. The Splatter vinyl is limited to 100 copies, and the CD is limited to 300 and will not be re-pressed.  

Order Now ~ https://lo-fidelityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/its-heavy-in-here-20th-anniversary-reissue